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A Geo 111 Mahogany Bow fronted Corner Bowl Stand C1800 (shelf fitted over original top later)  

Ref: G3475            £450   

A rare Rosewood Regency Turned Bowl

Ref: G3926 £380

Country of Origin: UK    Size: 104cmH x 50cm down side at feet Country of Origin: UK   Size: 

                                                                                        A nice example of a single mahogany camel-back dining chair Late 18thc   

Ref: G3319            £195      

A Gilt Adam style Mirror
early 20thC

G3962                 £375
Country of Origin:UK    Size: Country of Origin: UK  Size: 

                                                                                A very good quality large Mahogany Platform Toilet Mirror c1820

Ref: G2694              SOLD

A rare Irish Brass Candlestick, engraved 'The Brotherhood of St Patrick'   Late 18thC

Ref: G3581         SOLD         
Country of Origin:UK    Size: 69cm x 36.5cm x 67cmH Country of Origin:Ireland  Size: Base 11.4cm square x 29.5cmH

                                                                                 A 19thC  Electrotype of Henry IV of France and his wife

Ref:G3355         £385

A good quality Pair of Victorian Brass Fire Dogs C1880  
Ref: G3721      £110 
Country of Origin: UK    Size: 29.5cm Diam incl frame Country of Origin: UK  Size:

A good quality small Mahogany Geo 111 Drop-Leaf Table with drawer         

Ref: G3255            SOLD

An Oil on canvas portrait of a Gentleman signed George Dodson Tomlinson,  Circa 1860,in original gilt frame
Ref: G2918           £850
Country of Origin: UK     Size: 77cm L x 71cmH
Down 37cmW Open 111cmW
Country of Origin: UK  Size: 97cmH x 84cm incl frame